Hiring Removalists vs moving

Hiring Removalists Vs Moving on Your Own

Hiring Removalists vs moving on your own? If you are faced with the stressful task of moving house, you might be seriously considering a do-it-yourself move to save some cash. That’s a perfectly understandable line of thought considering the economic times we’re in. But beware: a lot of gotchas may come right behind a hasty decision. If you’re not careful, you may end up losing more than you’d hoped to save.

So what factors should you consider to make sure that your decision doesn’t haunt you for the next 100 days?

DIY Packing Vs Professional Packing

Packing is one of the most hectic parts of the moving house process. It can mean the difference between a smooth move and a mind-numbing ordeal. There are three main factors to consider when deciding whether to go the DIY way or hire professional packers.

How Big is Your Load?
For sure, you can save some cash by self-packing; but the bigger the load, the less of an advantage it might prove to be. One thing most people forget is that there is more to packing than just loading stuff into boxes. Packing has to be done strategically to avoid property damage, loss, and general chaos. Then there are furniture pieces that need dismantling and this has to be done systematically or you’ll end up with missing pieces and screws.

Hiring professional packers will save you the stress and potential loss of your property. If you do your due diligence and choose the right removalists, you’ll be assigned well-trained and experienced packers who will make short work of your possessions.

How Much Time Can You Spare?
If you go for self-packing, you have to work out whether the time you’ll spend is worth the money you’ll save. There is no blessing in frantically bundling stuff in boxes at the very last minute. For DIY packing to be successful, you need to start well before moving day. You may actually have to live with packed boxes for some weeks.

If those conditions seem too much for you, then hire professional packers. They can load everything up in one day which means you’ll be able to use your property until they arrive.

How difficult is the move?
All items are not created equal, of course. Some are more fragile than others, and some have more delicate intricate details. Others are irreplaceable antique furniture pieces which you just can’t afford to lose.

Then there are those super heavy appliances and sectionals. They just won’t move an inch. . . even if you try yelling at them out of frustration.

If you think you have too many heavy pieces, or you simply cannot afford to damage certain pieces, you are better off sitting back and passing the responsibility on to the pros – so long you wrap it in a little cash.

The reputable ones are trained and chances are all your property will be safe, including that ugly vase your mother-in-law gave you which you secretly wish they’d break.

Packing Materials

From a distance packing boxes are just. . . boxes. But in reality, there are different grades. Get lousy ones and you might just damage your property during the move. Part of self-packing is ensuring you understand exactly what materials you need, what type, and how much.

If you think the stress is not worth it, then getting pro packers is the way to go. Their experience and training mean they will show up with the right type and amount of markers, tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and other supplies.

Rental Trucking Vs. Pro Movers
If you are feeling extra frugal, you might be tempted to get yourself a rental truck and drive your load all on your brave own. The temptation is justified as DIY trucking has some benefits.

Apart from the cash you might save, you will be with your possessions at all times. That gives you some level of assurance as you know how safe (or unsafe) your property is at all times.

Most truck rental services charge by the day and not hourly as do most movers. This gives you more freedom with your time.

But with freedom, they say, comes responsibility. You are responsible for as much as a dent that happens to mar your property, or goodness forbid, the rented truck. Truck insurance does not cover damage by the renter so you will have to dip into your own pocket.

The question therefore becomes: How big is your move and how easily can you make it? You might want to pause and question your courage if you are trying to get behind the wheel of a large 26ft truck for the first time.

The Bottom-line

Self-moving is only profitable for small loads and over short distances. It can save you some cash and give you more freedom with your time, advantages which are worth the decision. But for bigger moves, the time, stress and risks involved make DIY moving a less attractive option. Hiring pros means your move can be done faster and in a much safer manner.

If you have a huge load but are strapped for cash, you can make use of customised packages. For example, you can pack the manageable pieces yourself and leave the delicate and heavy ones to the pros.

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  • Sarah Smith

    I’m moving into a new house and need help transporting my things. Thanks for the advice about how not items are equal and how it can be worth it to have professionals help you move the heavier items. I’ll have to see about getting a removalist company to help me move into a new house.

  • Sunny Singh

    I want to find some of good removalists in Bendigo to help us. This could help in finding the best one. When you are shifting, it is necessary that you choose the genuine moving company. You wouldn’t want to use the company that would throw your item in the truck and call it good. You want to find the ones that will take the time to pack and load your things perfectly.
    This is great advice! I will use it when I move! Thank you for the great post.

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