How to Best Organise Your Stuff before Moving

Moving from one house to another is always hectic and stressful and may get the best of you. Therefore, by preparing yourself for the day, you are moving will increase the chance of everything going smoothly. And reduce the stress of the moving day and unpacking afterward, being organised during the moving process, will assist to not break your back or fragile stuff.

Tips to Help You Stay Organized

First of all, have a clear vision of what and how you want your new house to look. The best way to be organised is to eliminate all the unnecessary belongings. Get inspiration to remove clutter by taking this as an opportunity to get rid of items you have wished to give away or dump. Before making any decision imagine if the thing you want to keep or throwaway is worth your effort of packing and unpacking and then divided the item into categories by separating them into boxes that include items for donation, throwaway, move and storage. Doing this will ensure that you have an easy time on your whole packing process and it will also save you energy.

The second step is organising your moving items regarding category you can choose to group them by room or by how essential the items are. It will be easier if you go through each room and box up the belongings that will require storage. The box labelling process is one of the most important parts; you can choose to label your box using numbers or colour-coding and to record it on your master profile. The numbering system is efficient since you will have an idea of how many boxes you are moving and if one gets lost, you will be able to know and even know what was inside it. It can also get frustrating when you can’t find your most essential items when it comes to packing or unpacking Hence you need to create some boxes according to needs.

Now it’s time to make a map of the easiest route to your new destination, research for the best moving company and make sure you read all their terms and conditions. Change your address two weeks to moving and select the best day for you to move. To be much organised make a moving list and perfectly record your tasks on a Calendar. Another important tip that most people forget is ensuring you don’t buy groceries one week before moving. Take photos of your electronic cable connection before you take them apart it will help you to set the electronics in the new house.

Next step is to find good boxes; the type of box will depend on what you are packing inside. Hence for light weight items just ensure the boxes are gently worn. But for the valuable items, it’s best to get new boxes of approximately the same size. It will save you the cost of broken and lost items during the moving day.

The fifth and the most important step is boxing your belongings earlier since packing takes more time than any other section. Ensure that all your items fit perfectly in the boxes as for the items that have odd shapes you have to find a way of packing them. You can also save on the boxes expanse by using laundry bins, hampers, baskets and even suitcases. Trying to storing and your organising your stuff and use the least possible space as possible should be your goal. To place boxes that belong to the same room together, you can use a stretch wrap. Also, remember to pack the heavy stuff in small boxes so that you can carry them without any struggle. For your closet pack your clothes with the hangers since it’s faster even while unpacking.

For the fragile items, you can protect the with bubble wraps, wrapping papers or blankets. For perfect cushioning ensure that the breakable items separately packed. For the kitchen ware such as the dishes ensure they are wrapped and packed vertically. Also pack your overnight bag since you won’t be able to unpack all your items on the first night, hence you will be able to relax and settle down during your first night.

Quick remainder, when loading your stuff in the truck, load the heavy items first like furniture. An organised person will delegate duties to everyone to make the moving process much easier even while unpacking. After the tiresome moving process, take good care of the people, who helped you move.